At DEFINE, we love being part of our client’s transformation to their ABSOLUTE BEST! Check out this amazing interview with one of our extraordinary client’s, Brooke, and see how DEFINE has helped her look and feel her best!

How long have you been attending DEFINE classes?  

My first DEFINE class was last July, and I’ve gone every week since. Now my entire week’s schedule is based around attending certain classes/instructors.
I’ve known about DEFINE for quite some time, as several of my friends take classes, but doing a cycling or a barre/body class was not something I thought I would enjoy. The truth is, I’ve never loved to workout. But, in January of 2016, after nearly 10 years of “abusing” my body with long work hours and then having two kids, I finally forced myself to start a high intensity fitness class to try and get back into shape. Just a few short months into this regimen I started having some pain in my upper thigh that I thought was muscular but it turned out to be a stress fracture in my femoral neck (hip). I had emergency surgery where they put 3 screws in my hip, but the doctor recommended to avoid jogging/running after I recovered. I was still mentally on a mission to get into shape and so I bit the bullet and signed up for my first DEFINE revolution class. I was nervous because I loved the high intensity nature of the workout that I was previously doing, and I assumed cycling would be easy or that a low impact workout could not give me the results that I wanted.
I was so wrong. I’ll never forget that first morning, feeling confused on how I would show up to an organized class and get set-up and clipped into a bike. It’s intimidating if you’ve never done it and it took a couple classes before I got completely comfortable but once I got the hang of everything, I became completely addicted.
All that to say, while it’s only been almost a year, it feels like something I’ve been doing my entire life and that I absolutely couldn’t live without.

What do you like about DEFINE?

DEFINE is a lifestyle, an inspiring community, a happy place. Like most people, I have a family and a demanding job, so working out and taking care of myself was not something I could prioritize or fit into my day. I accepted that I wasn’t going to be in shape, chalked being overweight to genetics and exhaustion (which does play a role, you just have to work harder), and that’s how I lived.
DEFINE has transformed my life. I am healthier, stronger, and more balanced and I look forward to getting up early in the morning to drench myself in sweat (side note: I never thought being drenched in sweat could feel so good). When I can’t make it to class, I really notice a difference in my mood and how I feel. Feeling healthy has translated to all parts of my life and relationships. My initial motivation to workout was mostly to lose weight, but now that piece has become an afterthought. So, in a nutshell, I love the inspiring instructors, the variety of classes and times, and the fact that I can build strength and endurance without harming my body with a high impact workout. I admire DEFINE Founder, Henry Richardson, and what he has brought to the community and I only wish I started sooner.

What inspired you to take the March Challenge and were you happy with the results?

I loved the idea behind it – “balance” – which is truly so important. The challenge inspired me to explore classes that I wasn’t making time for before, but that I knew were important. It allowed me to think about health as more than just cardio. The meditation class really forced me to try and shut my mind off and gave me 30 minutes to focus on absolutely nothing but self-awareness. Our body benefits from movement, but our mind benefits from stillness. Plus, I did it with a friend and I was extremely thankful for that.
It gave me a huge appreciation for the other classes and the studio’s focus on both body and mind. Now, I’m more flexible with the workouts I do each week.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

If someone hasn’t worked out in years or is on the fence about trying a class – just DO IT, because if I can, absolutely anyone can. I never thought I would look forward to working out – EVER! Today I feel healthy and strong. For that, I am so thankful for DEFINE.