Hi! My name is Kelsey H. and I’m a DEFINE Bellaire newbie. I’ve always struggled with weight and my body, but the struggles seemed to increase as I moved into my mid 30s and it became harder to keep from gaining weight.  As my weight crept up, so did the aches and pains.  I have chronic low back pain, due to curvature in my spine. As those of you with back pain know- it can be agony! I knew that if I took care of myself, my back pain would improve, but I just couldn’t find the motivation to start.

This past summer, I was in a community theatre production of Mamma Mia! I was cast as Rosie- the fun friend of the main character.  I had gained a significant amount of weight in a short period right before this production and noticed that I was really struggling in the dance rehearsals.  My back constantly ached, and I just couldn’t catch my breath.  When I saw the pictures from the production, I cried.  Granted, I was wearing a silly wig, but I didn’t look like myself, or at least the version of myself that I knew I wanted to be. It was at that moment that everything clicked in my head- we only get one shot at this life and by not focusing on my health, I wasn’t taking full advantage of that.


I started prioritizing my health in August.  I focused on my eating first.  I was able to lose about 45 pounds between August and January just with diet changes.  In January, after I had some healthy habits under my belt, I signed up for my first barre class at DEFINE Bellaire.  Truthfully, I signed up for barre class because I thought it would be easy.  I was WRONG.  It was not easy- I couldn’t do most of the things Meryl asked the class to do (Planks? Are you kidding me, Meryl?). But after the class, I felt great!  My core felt engaged and my usually achey low back felt supported.  Since I’ve been going to DEFINE Bellaire I’ve lost another 15 or so pounds and gotten SO much stronger. Also, my back pain has almost totally disappeared!

I’m doing the 30 classes in 60 days challenge because I want to continue the improvements I’ve made in my health.  I’m getting married on May 9, 2020, which is a great motivation to work on being the best version possible of myself.  My goals for myself are 1) get stronger (helloooo planks), 2) increase flexibility (so crucial for me for a pain free back), 3) manage stress (wedding planning is not for the faint of heart) and 4) minimize focus on the scale (health is so much more than that number). I can’t wait to dive into this challenge with all of you!